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The OneGeology project has been focused and supported by worldwide geological organisations and institutions since it was born. It is also listed as one of the key projects in geoscience field especially in China.

At the 33th International Geological Congress in 2008, China joined the project as an independent member and reached consensus with directors of OneGeology on 1:1M scale geological map data services, function and position of China Geological Survey (CGS) in operational group and technical group, and issues on holding OneGeology working conference.

CGS has commenced with relevant work of OneGeology in 2009. The researchers set up China geological map compilation project of 1:1M scale and had discussions and resolutions on technical details.

At the 34th International Geological Congress in 2012, Hongtao ZHANG (ex-chief engineer of Ministry of Land and Resources of P. R. China, counselor of State Council) represented CGS to communicate with Dr. Tim Duffy (coordinator of OneGeology) on how to promote and boost the data sharing work of OneGeology China.

In December 2012, CGS established the Coordinating Committee of OneGeology China, corroborating that Development and Research Center (DRC) of CGS will be in charge of the data conversion and promulgation of OneGeologyChina.

In 2013, representatives of CGS participated the working conference online, which was held by OneGeology technical working group in St. Petersburg, Russia. The conference confirmed the scheme and major timeline of OneGeologyChina data promulgation.

      In March 2014, the official website of OneGeologyChina launched.

The OneGeologyChina provides the on-line services, including the dissemination and network service of China 1:1,000,000 geological map data (English version) which filled in the blank of the OneGeology database as well. The on-line service standards is rated as three star.