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OneGeology China has published 1:1M scale geological spatial data of 64 standard maps covering continental China. The area does not cover the sea, islands and some regions. Latitude and longitude range:72 ° ~ 138 °, 16 ° ~ 56 °. The 1:1M scale geological  map index diagram and working area division as shown in Figure 1. The database was fulfilled by Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS) in 2010. The geological data comprising layers of geological body, geological contact, fracture lineament, geographic information  and relevant noted descriptions, which includes 105,952 features of geological body, 294,228 features of geological contact, 46,083 features of fracture lineament and 184,560 features of notes.

The technical group of OneGeology China, established by Development and Research Center of CGS in 2013, is responsible for data reorganisation, conversion, translation and establishing platform. As a result of data reorganisation and conversion, the 64 geological maps are combined into a 1:1M scale national geological map, and 17,414 items of Chinese data were translated (approx. 332,000 words), involving lithostratigraphic unit, age, rock sequence, lithological character and geological structure.

The portal of OneGeology China ( already set up, and will provide services both in Chinese and English.

In December 2013, CGS officially published 1:1M scale geological map data aomplying with corresponding OneGeology standard, which symbolised that the OneGeology China officially launched.